EP approves a single permit for third country nationals seeking work in EU

On 14 December 2010, ALDE rejected the amended proposal of a directive on a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work in the territory of a Member state. The Liberals and Democrats opposed the fact that Member states could issue additional documents next to the Single permit as this would defeat the whole purpose of having this permit. The revised text adopted today includes ALDE’s two key priorities – deletion all reference to additional documents, and insistence on “correlation tables” regarding correct implementation into national law.  ALDE believes that the text also sends a clear signal that the European Parliament wants to move towards an EU weber_90.jpglegislative framework for legal migration.

What would have been the point of creating a single EU application procedure for third-country nationals if we had allowed the 27 Member States to issue additional documents next to the Single permit? It would have been a “contradictio in terminis” said Renate WEBER (PNL, Romania) ALDE coordinator and spokesperson for this dossier in the Civil liberties (LIBE),MEISSNER_90.jpg

MEP Gesine Meissner (FDP, Germany), ALDE spokesperson in the Employment Committee said: “We are globally satisfied by this text which lays down a common minimum set of rights for third-country workers. We guarantee minimum thresholds, but also it leaves room for Member states to favour and grant additional rights.”

Note to editors:
“Correlation tables” ensure a precise and transparent transcription of EU legislation within Member States. They also provide clarity as to areas where Member States have included additional elements beyond the original scope of the intended effects of the Directive.

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