ALDE calls on all Member States of the EU to fully back UN resolution

Yesterday the Security Council agreed on a far reaching but most necessary resolution to prevent a bloodbath by Colonel Gaddafi on his own people, by introducing a no-fly zone and the responsibility to protect the people. The European Union however did not vote in a united way, as Germany abstained.

Guy Verhofstadt: “I deplore the fact that Germany abstained in the vote on UNSC Resolution 1973. This weakened the European Union’s position. On Monday however there is a new opportunity for the Foreign Affairs Council to show our unanimous backing for the resolution and take the necessary action to help and protect the people of Libya.”

Alexander Lambsdorff (FDP, Germany), Vice-President of the ALDE group said: “A UNSC resolution is international law and the decision to intervene has received wide international backing, which gives even greater legitimacy for decisive action. I now hope that the Council follows the lead of the European Parliament in its call for decisive action. It should give us pause for thought that the Arab League shows more cohesiveness in their actions than the European Union.”

Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin (FDP, Germany): “In the European Parliament members from all parties and all nationalities have taken a very clear position. We decided to do all we can to stop the atrocities in Libya and support the people in their fight for freedom and democracy. Now it is up to the member-states to do the same by backing and implementing the UN resolution.”


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