Verhofstadt congratulates Mahmoud Gebril on being nominated as Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government


Commenting today on news that Mahmoud Gebril has been appointed the new head of the Libyan interim Government Verhofstadt said:

“Mahmoud Gebril has travelled a long way since the ALDE group invited him to a meeting in Strasbourg on 8th March. Not only has he convinced President Sarkozy and US Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton of his integrity and legitimacy but made a favourable impression on a number of EU senior representatives. He has the diplomatic skill and wisdom to run a government. It is now time for EU leaders this week to recognise the Libyan Transitional Council as the legitimate Libyan interim Government.”

“Now that EU Member States are in action over Libya, enforcing the UN sanctioned no-fly zone and protecting civilians from Gaddafi’s aggression by destroying his warplanes and tanks we cannot pretend that we might still do business with Gaddafi in the future.”