Verhofstadt: UNSC paves way for decisive action on Libya


Responding to a United Nations Security Council resolution this evening on Libya which calls for a no-fly zone, except for humanitarian flights and those necessary to protect or evacuate civilians as well as an enforcement of the arms embargo and strengthening of the asset freeze, Guy Verhofstadt (Liberal group leader in the Parliament) said:

“We finally have some clarity from the international community on action to protect the democratic opposition movement in Libya, currently facing annihilation in Benghazi. This UN backing comes not a moment too soon to prevent a humanitarian tragedy. Member States must act swiftly on this resolution to enforce the no-fly zone and to take all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya.”

“As the northern neighbour of Libya and a partner in the Mediterranean, European states have a particular responsibility for preventing a massacre of Gaddafi’s opponents and promoting those in Libya who seek to establish a democratic and pluralist future. If we abandon the Libyan people now, we will forever be hanging our heads in shame. This is Europe’s hour of reckoning for a common foreign and security policy that aims to increase our influence as a force for good in the world.”